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The Next Adventure…

We’ve done this before. Ten years ago we sold our house in Ketchikan and moved onto our 35-foot sailboat to cruise the Alaskan and Canadian inside passage for a few years. After three years of this nomadic lifestyle, we felt the need for a home base–and we settled in Haines, Alaska.

Now, six years later, we need to move closer to our family in the Seattle area. So with the sale of our home in Haines, it is now time to move back onto S/V CAMAI for another extended cruise, which will take us farther south.

Moving is always hard–leaving friends, leaving our house and yard, the spectacular view, the warmth of the wood stove, and leaving behind all of the familiar routines from the past six years. But the lure of a new adventure, new friends, and the opportunity to renew old acquaintances sweetens the outlook.

So, friends, we hope to be living aboard S/V CAMAI by mid-summer, and underway shortly after that. You’re invited to check this website now and then to track our progress and stay in touch. We hope to hear from you along the way.

3 comments to The Next Adventure…

  • Gary Lidholm

    Twelve days since your last log post. Does that mean you are underway and out of range?

    • Roger

      Hi Gary, Yes–in part. It also means the email system quit working (a broken wire on a connector) and the Internet wasn’t available in some ports. We are now in Ketchikan, and making arrangements for the boat haulout and other maintenance. We had a good cruise and are now back in business, Internet-wise.

  • Susanna

    Hello Barb and Roger. I’m almost certain we met you when both of our boats were on the hard in Valdez, in 2007. Is this possible? My memory could be faulty, but at the time I thought you were Cordova based and working in Arizona during the winter.

    I stumbled upon you on the qrz site and had an aha! moment. I wanted to just send a private message but cannot find that option on your site. But I’m making inquiries regarding a Haines-based need we have, and I wonder if you might be able to point us in the right direction. We are preparing to cross the Gulf from Homer in the next couple of weeks. I don’t suppose you could recommend anyone in Haines who is responsible and trustworthy and perhaps interested in petsitting in August for our lovable family dog? We were delayed in the boat yard and now will have trouble reaching Haines in time to meet our friends who will be driving our dog out the AlCan. So we seek a backup plan in the form of a stable, friendly, honest, animal-loving human who would be willing to keep our old girl safe and secure until we can arrive. Thoughts? Please don’t hesitate to email me with ideas.

    Thanks and hope you are enjoying Ketchikan!

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