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Spring Cleaning

Elsie Mae watches from the companionway…

Location: Haines harbor
Wind: SSE 5-G15 knots
Temp: 46
Rain showers

We spent part of the afternoon cleaning the boat in preparation for moving aboard. Surprisingly, we found little evidence of mildew or moisture, even though we tried to minimize the use of electricity for heating over the winter. One small heater next to the engine block to keep it above freezing was enough to keep things dry from stem to stern.

I cleaned the aft stateroom with a mild bleach and soap solution, paying special attention to closed lockers and drawers that don’t get much ventilation. I checked the machinery spaces, lights, fans, and serviced all of the seacocks and rudder fittings. Now the stateroom is ready to assemble in preparation for moving aboard.

Something about being on the boat in the harbor is satisfying after a long winter. It could be anticipation of our summer cruise, or just affirmation that we will always be busy, never lacking for a job, because we are boat owners.

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