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Frosty Cove | Wrangell

Eastern Passage

Itinerary: Wrangell to Frosty Bay
Weather: 50.7 F., low broken clouds, calm, barometer 1024.1
Forecast: Fog, clearing by afternoon, highs in the 70’s, partly to mostly cloudy

After checking in to the Great Northern Boater’s radio net, we walked into Wrangell for a coffee latte and a short visit with Nichole at Alaska Vistas tour company, near the cruise ship dock. Then we purchased fuel and departed Wrangell harbor at 1207 hours.

We had a nice run down the east side of Wrangell Island and past Anan Bay to Frosty Bay. Although there were some winds in the narrows and we raised sails for a short time, the breeze soon petered out in Blake Channel and we motored for the rest of the afternoon.

We skipped the bear observatory at Anan Bay, not wanting to take the trouble for the required USFS reservation, and the anchorage there is marginal.

Instead, we sailed on to Frosty Bay, which has a small float near a USFS rental cabin, with a short length of planked trail that leads to some abandoned logging roads.

Inside Frosty Bay, we found the Nauticat 44, “MOTU” anchored and visited briefly with owners Peter and Linda James, from Montana. Peter said he is active on the Nauticat owners’ Yahoo group website, and we took a nice photo of MOTU that we’ll have to forward to him there.

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