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Vixen Harbor

Enjoying Vixen Harbor

Location: Vixen Harbor
Weather: Sunny, light northwest breeze, fog bank visible to the northeast
Forecast: Winds northwest to 20, 4-foot seas in Clarence Straits

Barb wanted to spend a day exploring Vixen Harbor instead of pushing on–after some discussion, we agreed Vixen is a nice stop.

We took a couple of nice beach hikes, then rigged the dinghy for fishing. We went outside the harbor entrance to fish. Barb caught a nice Coho which we cleaned on the beach, and we collected beach greens, goose tongue, and beach asparagus for the evening meal. After lunch we took a short snooze, then fixed a gourmet dinner of grilled salmon, garlic bread, stir fried vegetables (including foraged beach greens.)

Tomorrow’s forecast looks good, with light northwest winds in the morning and southerly winds in the afternoon.

Tomorrow’s tides, however, are not as favorable. The forecast low tide at 0722 of -1.8 feet would put us uncomfortably close to the rocks. A few calculations show that an hour later the water level would be 1.5 feet higher, and another hour later (0922 hours) the tide would be about the same as when we entered the harbor.

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