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Ketchikan Yacht Club in Thomas Basin

After six years of living in quiet Haines, our first impression of Ketchikan was of extreme activity and business. We had forgotten how incredibly busy the harbor is in the summer time–Ketchikan is still a blue-collar working town, and nearly everyone seems busy. The shipyard is in full swing, and the marine traffic includes ships, sailboats, airplanes, tugs, barges, charter boats and pleasure boats. The noise is remarkable, the noisiest activities being float planes and jet traffic at the nearby airport.

The shipyard is busy, with two ocean trawlers and a Crowley Tug on the ways. The downtown waterfront is mostly ships, but only for daytime hours during tourist season. And this year there is a large fishing fleet in town, with tenders anchored in the harbor and moving to and from the processing plants. We had to call two vessels on the VHF radio just to make passing arrangements as we made our way to Thomas Basin Harbor. If the nation-wide recession has affected Ketchikan, it doesn’t show in the amount of waterfront activity.

Our first Day in Ketchikan was filled with social visits. Some things have changed, but most of the names and faces are the same; we felt at home from the first day. We borrowed a truck from Al Rockwood until we could make arrangements for the van and trailer. We bought ice and groceries and had dinner at Diaz Cafe on Stedman Street.

We also went to Air Marine Harbor to make arrangements to have CAMAI hauled out for maintenance next Monday, and contracted with Wayne McGee to do the bottom sanding, painting and buff the topsides.

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