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Email and Internet Blues

Location: Wrangell Harbor
Weather: 54 degrees, rain showers, fog
Forecast: Winds SE at 10 knots, seas 2 feet. Wind switching to northerly tomorrow.

Main Street road construction has been ongoing for about a year, according to locals.

Today is another “lay day” for us. We walked into Wrangell several times, bought groceries and had a very good lunch at the Diamond C cafe. In the afternoon, we found that our AP&T Internet connection was usable from the harbor if we sat outside on the rear deck and faced the tower on the north end of town. We took turns online, and I was finally able to update our position reports on this web page, though there was not enough time to update the blog.

I should explain at this point, that we have not been able to update this blog in a timely manner–partly due to no Internet connections (expected,) and for some reason we have been unable to send and receive Winlink email (unexpected.) Though the radio appears to be functioning correctly, we just haven’t been able to establish a connection. More detailed troubleshooting will have to wait for Ketchikan, where we will dismount the radios and check everything out. Meanwhile, we apologize for having to catch up “after the fact.”

In the evening we had a nice dinner with Denny, Janet and Nichole Strom at their house.

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