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Wrangell Friends

Location: Wrangell Harbor
Weather: 53 degrees, rain
Forecast: Cloudy with periods of rain/fog, light SE winds
Long range: Weather forecast in for an improving trend over the next several days.

We finished provisioning CAMAI in the morning with ice, propane and groceries.

We had lunch at Zak’s Cafe with Valerie McCandless and her neighbor, Mike, who is doing some repairs on her house. Valerie is a friend who recently moved to Haines from Wrangell, where we met, and is in Wrangell to supervise the work on her house. What we didn’t know is that she is also a past mayor of Wrangell, and has some very interesting insights into local Wrangell politics. We could have talked all day, but decided not to over-stay because the restaurant was filling up. Zaks is a very popular eatery with locals.

We had a great evening visiting with Denny and Janet Strom, Peggy and Woody Wilson, and Debbie and Terry Bissonnette at the Strom’s house. Peggy is currently running for reelection to the Alaska Legislature, and Terry is a retired magistrate from Aniak and Wrangell whom we have known for a number of years. We had an excellent dinner and a great time visiting, and didn’t return to the boat until late in the evening.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is warm and sunny, and we will be departing via the back channel (east side of Wrangell Island) for Frosty Cove.

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