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Frosty Cove | Vixen Harbor

Sailing in Ernest Sound

Itinerary: Frosty Bay to Vixen Harbor
Weather: 53.7 degrees, fog, light southeast breeze, occasional sun breaks, barometer 1025.4
Forecast: Heavy fog warning until 1000 hours, then partly cloudy with northeast winds to 15 knots.

MOTU at anchor, as the fog begins to lift in Frosty Bay

This morning we explored Frosty Bay including the trails behind the cabin, the stream outlet, and the rocks on the south opening of the cove. As the fog lifted, we watched from the rocks, soaking up sunlight and enjoying the beauty all around. We returned to the boat and departed Frosty Cove at 1205 hours.

We motored south through Seward Passage until we could see that the wind was filling in across Ernest Sound, then raised the sails in Sunny Bay, tacking past Change Island and into Ernest Sound. As the wind increase we reefed the main, and had a nice reach all the way to Brownson Island. We tacked back toward Vixen Harbor and shook out the reef as the wind lightened. When we were 4 miles from Vixen the wind lightened enough that we furled all sails and motored the rest of the way. Today was a good sail.

Vixen harbor has a narrow, shallow entrance–we entered on a 3-foot tide. We carefully followed the directions in U.S. Coast Pilot 8, and had no trouble, though the least depth showing on the sounder was 3.1 meters. Our transducer being 18 inches underwater, the rocks were about 5 feet under the keel.

Breezes were light and the weather was sunny and warm during out stay in Vixen Harbor. We shared out anchorage with one other boat, a Defever 50, that entered late in the evening and left early the following morning.

With good weather, nice beaches and grassy areas for walking, we Vixen one of our favorite anchorages.

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