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Clarence Straits | Trollers Cove | Vixen Harbor

Clarence Strait

Itinerary: Vixen Harbor to Trollers Cove
Weather: 53 deg. F., Sunny, calm
Forecast: Light winds becoming southerly to 10 knots by late afternoon

After a long morning walk on the beach, we raised anchor at 0930 hours. The bottom in Vixen is heavy, black glue-like mud that takes some effort to remove from the anchor before taking it aboard.

We departed at 0930 hours, encountering a least depth of 2.87 meters under the transducer. With the angle of the sun, we were able to see rocks under the boat for the last third of the passage. I made a note in CAMAI’s logbook: “For future ref.– This passage not suitable for CAMAI on less that 3-foot tide.”

Weather and seas were calm in Clarence Strait until ship island. We encountered a 3-foot chop in the narrowest part of Clarence, then lightened as we approached Troller’s Cove. While still several miles away, we could see some humpback whales “bubble-feeding” in the distance. Once again we faced an anchorage with a tricky entrance–this time with plenty of water, but many large numerous rocks to avoid when getting into the inner anchorage. This time, we tied to the USFS Buoy since there was no one renting the cabin and the buoy was available.

We took the dinghy on a lengthy tour of the farthest reaches of Troller’s Cove, taking photos of some unique rocks that were reflected in the water. We later learned from Darlene Minor that these sights are refered to as “shore totems” due to their appearance to horizontal totem poles.

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