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Cholmondeley Sound | Dora Bay | Trollers Cove

Cholmondeley Sound

ITINERARY: Trollers Cove to Dora Bay
WEATHER: 57 deg. F., overcast, calm, barometer 1017.5 falling
RADIO NET: Checked in with Darlene and Floyd & advised them we would be there by afternoon. Darlene advised that the M/Y Alice J. would be there, so we would probably all be getting together for dinner.
NOTE: Cholmondeley Sound, on the eastern shore of Prince of Wales Island is a maze of little coves and anchorages known for excellent fishing and shrimping. Locals pronounce the name, “Chom’lee.”

At 1015 hours we departed Trollers Cove, and started fishing just outside the entrance. We couldn’t troll close to the beach because several seiners were working in the area–we had no bites. After a short time we quit fishing and motored in to Dora Bay, arriving at 1500 hours.

At Floyd and Darlene’s direction, we tied to their mooring buoy, then rigged the dinghy and met them on the beach. It was nice to see them again, and hard to believe it has been over 6 years since our last visit. The Alice J, a 52 foot DeFever motor yacht was tied to a neighbor’s dock about 1/2 mile away, and the owners invited us all to dinner.

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