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Juneau--Auke Bay

Auke Bay to Taku Harbor

The old retort, gears and other equipment are still visible at Taku Harbor Cannery site.

Weather: Calm, patchy fog

Calm weather and patchy fog conditions prevailed as we left Auke Bay at 0750 hours. The fog was forecast to lift early, and winds would build slowly during the day to 15 in the afternoon, with 3-foot seas.

Our radar, which had worked perfectly from Haines to Juneau (in perfect clear weather) decided to give up the ghost this morning. Without radar, we paid extra attention to maintaining a navigation dead-reckoning (DR) plot in addition to all of the other electronic navigation tools. Two hours into our trip the fog became patchy–visibility was not an issue for the rest of the trip.

Taku Harbor was quiet, with only one other boat — a 22-foot Glas-Ply at the dock. We met the folks, who were camping at the rental cabin; when we learned they had forgotten the diaper bag for their toddler, Barb fixed up a care package with some “chux” (hospital-type absorbent towels), baby powder and coconut oil, making mom & baby much more comfortable for their trip.

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