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Hobart Bay

Frederick Sound

Itinerary: Hobart Bay to Petersburg
Weather: 48 F., Overecast, Wind SE 10-15

CAMAI, nestled among the fishing fleet in Petersburg

With forecast winds of 10 knots and seas 2 feet in Frederick Sound, we expected a nice sailing trip today. We motorsailed south to Cape Fanshaw, where Frederick Sound presented us with 15-20 knots and 3-4 foot seas on the nose for most of the trip to Petersburg. We lowered the mainsail and motored into the seas for a long, slightly lumpy, but not uncomfortable trip.

We arrived in Petersburg at high slack tide, so there was no current in the Harbor to make docking difficult. We met several nice folks parked near us including Ellen Wolfe and ? Smith, retired school teachers from Talkeetna who spend summers on their Cooper 41, SEABIRD.

Maintenance note: This evening we had the occurrence every sailor fears the most: a plugged marine head (toilet). We’ll probably have to do boat surgery in Wrangell; meanwhile, we’re using the “bucket and chuck it” system (yes, that’s still legal.)

Tomorrow’s high tide is about 0740 hours, so we will get an early start southbound in Wrangell Narrows, weather permitting.

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