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Juneau--Auke Bay

Haines to Auke Bay

Weather: Cloudy, Light Winds
Departure: 0520

Finally, the weather forecast is for light winds, allowing us to escape Lynn Canal without the discomfort of powering into 3-4 foot seas. An early start gives us the option of being south of Berner’s Bay before the afternoon winds pick up in the northern reaches.

Our departure was marred by a reluctant starter on the engine–something to put on the maintenance checklist for Ketchikan. At Seduction Point we ran the port fuel tank dry, and switched to the full port tank for the rest of the trip to Juneau.

At 1230 we dropped anchor in the little cove at the north end of Mab Island–a perfect little anchorage and about the halfway point for the day. Miss Elsie had a good run on the beach, and at 1322 hour we weighed anchor, motoring south again.

At 2000 hours we anchored in the northeast corner of Auke Bay, took the dog to the beach, and settled in for the night.

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