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Wrangell Friends

Location: Wrangell Harbor Weather: 53 degrees, rain Forecast: Cloudy with periods of rain/fog, light SE winds Long range: Weather forecast in for an improving trend over the next several days.

We finished provisioning CAMAI in the morning with ice, propane and groceries.

We had lunch at Zak’s Cafe with Valerie McCandless and her neighbor, Mike, […]


Email and Internet Blues

Location: Wrangell Harbor Weather: 54 degrees, rain showers, fog Forecast: Winds SE at 10 knots, seas 2 feet. Wind switching to northerly tomorrow.

Main Street road construction has been ongoing for about a year, according to locals.

Today is another “lay day” for us. We walked into Wrangell several times, bought groceries and had […]


Laying Over in Wrangell

Location: Wrangell Harbor Weather: Overcast with rain showers

Barb heads for the laundromat, about 1/2 block from the harbor

Today is a “lay day” in Wrangell, one of our favorite towns in southeast Alaska. Barb did laundry in the morning and attended a charity luncheon with Janet.

For me, most of the day was […]

Petersburg | Wrangell | Wrangell Narrows

Wrangell Narrows

Itinerary: Petersburg to Wrangell Weather: Low overcast, fog, calm

Light fog in Wrangell Narrows

Wrangell Narrows is one of our favorite routes in southeast Alaska. With 60 navigation aids in a 22 mile stretch, the narrows is probably the most well-marked stretch of water in Alaska. Although we approach this passage with caution and […]

Hobart Bay

Frederick Sound

Itinerary: Hobart Bay to Petersburg Weather: 48 F., Overecast, Wind SE 10-15

CAMAI, nestled among the fishing fleet in Petersburg

With forecast winds of 10 knots and seas 2 feet in Frederick Sound, we expected a nice sailing trip today. We motorsailed south to Cape Fanshaw, where Frederick Sound presented us with […]

Taku Harbor

Stephens Passage

Location: Taku Harbor to Hobart Bay Weather: Calm, Fog, 48 F.

We decided that the combination of heavy fog and a non-working radar were enough to cause us to stay in Taku another day, so we took the dog for a walk over to the old cannery site.

But within the hour we noticed the […]

Juneau--Auke Bay

Auke Bay to Taku Harbor

The old retort, gears and other equipment are still visible at Taku Harbor Cannery site.

Weather: Calm, patchy fog

Calm weather and patchy fog conditions prevailed as we left Auke Bay at 0750 hours. The fog was forecast to lift early, and winds would build slowly during the day to 15 in the […]

Juneau--Auke Bay

Auke Bay Layover

Auke Bay Weather: Rain, Fog, Breezy

We elected to stay in Auke Bay another day, waiting for better weather. Forecast southerly winds of 20 with 4-foot seas are enough to keep us out of Stephens Passage. We spent the day continuing to organize and prep the boat, planning an early departure tomorrow.

Juneau--Auke Bay

Auke Bay

Weather: Rain, Breezy

Today is a “lay day” in Juneau, to service the boat and provision for the next leg of the trip. After fueling we moved CAMAI into Auke Bay Harbor and used the day to change filters, fill with propane, and generally organize the boat for extended travel. Miss Elsie Dog enjoyed several […]

Juneau--Auke Bay

Haines to Auke Bay

Weather: Cloudy, Light Winds Departure: 0520

Finally, the weather forecast is for light winds, allowing us to escape Lynn Canal without the discomfort of powering into 3-4 foot seas. An early start gives us the option of being south of Berner’s Bay before the afternoon winds pick up in the northern reaches.

Our departure was […]