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When the Tide is Out…

Foraging adds a gourmet touch to the standard ships stores…

WHEN THE TIDE’S OUT…the table is set.

It may sound trite, but this old Alaskan saying reflects the bountiful food supply along Alaska’s coastline. Although we don’t recommend “living off the land” (it’s a lot more work than it sounds,) beach foraging adds a gourmet touch to supplies that we have aboard.

Today’s dinner consisted of fresh salmon, beach greens, goose tongue and beach asparagus, using only a couple slices of bread and some sliced fruit from out ship’s stores.

A word of caution: Get some good books on foraging and study them carefully, to avoid the toxic plants that are similar in appearance to edible ones. Additionally, we do our foraging on outside beaches that are flushed regularly, staying away from inside of small anchorages which could be polluted from frequent use.


Fresh salmon

Beach Greens

Beach Asparagus

Goose Tongue

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