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Spring visited us today


Barb tidies up the halyards

Occasionally Ketchikan sees spectacular boating weather, even in winter. Today was one of those days–warmer temperatures and blue skies were too much to pass up today.

We dressed up CAMAI in her sails and removed most of the winter covers so we could take her out for a shakedown cruise. We motored around Pennock Island in calm conditions for about two hours, checking out all of the new equipment installations.

Oh yeah...THIS is why we have a boat!

Oh yeah…THIS is why we have a boat!

The new depth transducer reads flawlessly down to 600 feet, and the Samsung Android tablet works well as a viewing station for the Raymarine display.  The engine runs well, and the drive train is smooth and quiet since we aligned the engine last summer.

We also identified some new items that need attention such as winches, and that persistent engine starting problem (electrical)… so tomorrow it’s back to the old grind.

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