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Welcome Back?


Walking on ice is easy…it’s getting to the fish that’s tricky.

So it’s a little early to reappear in Alaska, but for a number of reasons we needed to be back in early February. Besides, all of our friends told us what a beautiful winter they were having in Ketchikan. And with a summer of cruising ahead, we need the time to put the boat in top condition before departure.

We arrived via the Alaska State Ferry Malaspina early in the morning on February 10th and were greeted by 15-degree temperatures and no snow on any of the mountains. The east channel of the Tongass Narrows was covered with ice as far as we could see–something that old timers talk about, but is rarely seen in recent years.

CAMAI was in her slip, just as pretty as we left her, but the furnace was not working so we took all day to warm her up with electric heaters and the propane fireplace. Still, our first night was a little cool. Thank God for warmth of the nearby KYC clubhouse.

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