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Date/Time: Thursday, September 18, 2014
Location: Forward Harbor
Weather: Overcast, wind 10 gusting to 15, rain showers

With wind warnings forecast in Johnstone Strait for late this afternoon, we elected to take an alternate route through Sunterland Channel, north of Hardwicke Island. Now we are anchored in Forward Harbor, a popular anchorage. The little bight where we are has a fine gravel beach to entertain Elsie; she spent about forty minutes exercising this afternoon. The breeze and rain showers are working into the anchorage and ruffling the water, but they’re supposed to calm overnight.

Tomorrow we willl be cruising through some interesting places with strong currents, narrows, and tidal rapids. So this evening will be spent with pencils and paper, figuring out the best strategy for a safe and uneventful passage.

It’s time to get busy…


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