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Date/Time: Saturday, September 27, 2014
Location: Anchored in Nanaimo Harbor
Weather: Light breezes, blue skies

We awoke in Northwest Bay to blue skies with some fog patches and no wind. The only flaw was the constant cacophony of sea lion talk which reached a low ebb during the night but grew to a crescendo as the sun reached the log booms where the sea lions were basking.

A careful check of all boat systems revealed no problems from yesterdays rough ride; all the filters looked good and everything was in order mechanically and electrically. Tough boat, but not-so-tough owners. Barb and I found even the slight movement of the boat at anchor was annoying after yesterday’s sloshing.

We departed about 1000 hours and dropped anchor about 1415 in Nanaimo Harbor. Nanaimo is one of our favorite stops with the anchorage in front of a city park on Newcastle Island, and the unique Dingy Dock Pub nearby, a good restaurant that can only be reached by water.

Weather today is perfect, making yesterday’s adventure seem so long ago. The boat is warm and dry, and most of our gear is dry as well.

Tomorrow we plan on an early start to make the current change at Dodd Narrows, and our goal will be Sidney.


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