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Another Nice Day!

Date/Time: Sunday, September 28, 2014
Location: Sidney
Weather: Mostly clear, mild

Morning came early today. I took Elsie to the beach at 0530 hours and we had the anchor up and were underway at 0630. Our goal was to reach Dodd Narrows at 0733, high slack current. We made it just at the beginning of the ebb, riding the current through this gateway into the Gulf Islands, the island archipelago between Nanaimo and Victoria. The sunrise was beautiful, temperature was mild, and winds were light as we rode the ebb tide currents through various narrow channels, finally ending at Sidney. It was a bright Sunday afternoon and there were boats everywhere we looked.

Though Barb was feeling a bit headachy, she soldiered on never slowed down. We tied up in Port Sidney Marina about 1320 hours, and took our time getting the boat secured and put in order for the evening.

We called Barbara Hodgson, the ham radio operator (VE7KLU) who has been net control for the radio Northern Boaters Net for 28 years. She happily made arrangements to come to the boat and visit with us, since we would only be in town overnight. On both of our trips down the coast (winter of 2005-2006, and now) we have had the pleasure and security of morning chats with Barbara, so it was a real treat to meet her in person and get to know her better.

Barb’s feeling better this evening, the weather forecast is good, and our plan for tomorrow is to go to Friday Harbor where we will check in with U.S. Customs and then visit friends.


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