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Discovery Passage & Campbell River

Date/Time: Saturday, September 20, 2014
Location: Campbell River
Weather: Calm, clear, warm

This morning presented us with a low marine layer of clouds with reasonable visibility underneath. After checking for an anchor windlass switch at the Squirrel Cove Hardware Store (they didn’t have one,) we headed to Campbell River and the closest large marine hardware store.

Current in Discovery passage was against us, but we made even better time than expected by staying in the back eddies at the sides of the channel, thus increasing boat speed by a knot or two. (Once again, the old riverboat skills came in handy.)

Discovery Harbor is an expensive place to tie up. Now we remember: It was expensive the last time we came through here, eight years ago. But we got the anchor windlass switch.

Of course, the other reason to be in Campbell River is that it is a boating center. There are all kinds of interesting boats here, many with “for sale” signs, and a few that are pretty close to what we will be looking for once CAMAI is sold. So we spent the major portion of the afternoon walking the docks and talking to boaters. We ran into a few old friends here, and made some new ones, but tomorrow we intend to move on down the coast. If all goes well, Comox will be our next port of call.


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