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Date/Time: Sunday, September 21, 2014
Location: Anchored in Comox Harbor
Weather: Clear, southerly winds to 15 knots

Today we left Campbell River at 1010 hours to catch the last of the ebb and ride the flood tide out of Discovery Channel. The Canadian Weather folks had high wind warnings out for the northern Strait of Georgia, but nothing untill afternoon and nothing over 25 knots. Our goal, Comox was only 30 miles down the coast.

Most of the day was spent motoring on glassy water, with some large patches of fog that cleared up about noon. By the time we arrived at Comox it was warm and sunny, and the breeze was building from the south. We tucked inside of Goose Spit and anchored in the middle of about 20 other boats. By all appearances the harbors were pretty busy (full) so we elected to wait until tomorrow to tie to a dock. Besides, tying to a dock costs money and we were still smarting from the high prices at Campbell river.

Once anchored, Barb took the Elsie Mae to the beach in the dinghy while I replaced the broken anchor windlass switch (it works!)

Tomorrow will be a laundry and shopping day, and we’ll touch base with some old friends who live here.


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