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Date/Time: Thursday, September 25, 2014
Location: Comox
Weather: Breezy with rain showers

This morning was beautiful with clearing skies to partly sunny and a refreshing breeze. It was really tempting to get under way despite the strong wind warnings in effect for the Georgia Strait. We dawdled around, went to the store, and when we didn’t see the stiff breeze that was forecast, decided to go take a look. We departed the dock about 1030 hours, but when we headed around Goose Spit we found ourselves in a 2-3 foot swell that was obviously rolling in from rougher conditions out in the strait.

The day would have been perfect for, say, a rowdy sail on a beam reach over to Desolation Sound; or downwind to Campbell river, but our next objective is Nanaimo, 51 miles and a long uncomfortable slog to windward. We could have done it, but with ideal conditions forecast for the weekend we decided to lay another day in Comox Harbor. We tucked inside of Goose Spit and anchored in the same spot we were in three nights ago.

We took the dog to the beach and a heavy rain shower overtook us. Barb and I were in our rain gear, and Elsie was having fun swimming, so no one minded much. The wind was light, and the periods between rain showers were beautiful. About 1600 hours a bunch of paddlers came by on their stand-up paddleboards, and the small Lasers and other sailboats came out of the harbor en-masse. Apparently, there is quite an active water-sports program, and we were center-stage for the show.

We grilled some steaks for dinner, and enjoyed the solitude, the rain showers and the rainbows. And the savings, because anchoring is free; remember Ben Franklin said, “Thirty five dollars saved is thirty five dollars earned.”

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we’ll head to Nanaimo.


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