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Ice House Cove to Foggy Bay

Date/Time: Friday, September 5, 2014
Location: Anchored in Foggy Bay
Weather: Clear, Calm
Plan: Another leg south tomorrow, either Dundas Island or Prince Rupert

We departed Ice House Cove at 0830 this morning under a low overcast with calm winds. Today’s route took us down the channel on the east side of Bold Island, to Twin Islands, past Mary Island light and directly to Foggy Bay entrance. We anchored at 1400 hours.

We saw very little other traffic; it’s surprising how little activity there is on the water once tourist season ends and fishing season is nearly over. A couple of sport fishing boats near Hog Rocks, a cruiser headed toward Kah Shakes Cove, and a half dozen commercial salmon trollers were our only sightings today. There were a couple of whales feeding near Mary Island Light.

Foggy Bay sunset.

Foggy Bay sunset.

Since we anchored early in the afternoon, we loaded the inflatable and explored the upper reaches of Very Inlet. Very Inlet is salt water with narrow passages and a strong tidal current flow, making for interesting boat driving. The area is alive with Eagles, Blue Heron and plenty of marine life.

We’re eating well these days while Barb uses up some of our ship’s stores that we can’t take into Canada. In the evening we took the dinghy from our anchorage to a west-facing beach to watch the sunset.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the weather forecast and tide tables to decide whether to make the long slog into Prince Rupert (55 miles,) or break the trip into two legs with a stay at Brundige Harbor on Dundas Island.


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