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Date/Time: Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Location: Port Harvey
Weather: Cool & cloudy with occasional light rain showers

Fog persisted in Port McNeill until after 1100 this morning, as forecast. We topped up with propane, and with coffee and treats at Mugz, the local coffee shop. When the sun started peeking through the fog we headed back to the boat. We were motoring out of the harbor at noon with partly overcast skies and improving visibility.

Johnstone Strait currents were against us, up to a knot at times, but we bucked the current just to make a few miles. Water was glassy smooth and once more we spent the day motoring toward our goal. We saw no whales in spite of the fact that we had to stay clear of an “Orca Preserve” along the way. The water in the preserve looked the same as every where else, but only authorized boats can go there without getting a ticket, and that included us.

s/y Pinta and s/v Camai at Port Harvey

s/y Pinta and s/v Camai at Port Harvey

We chose our destination on the basis of the weather forecast (weather front coming through tomorrow,) and time. The next good anchorage would have taken until after sundown. As we motored up to the dock at Port Harvey Marine Resort we recognized the boat, “Pinta,” immediately. Our friends from The Netherlands, Maarten, Marianne, 18 month old Daniel and their guest, Reanne (sp.) had arrived just a short time before.

The resort owner was friendly, and offered to bring cinnamon rolls in the morning, since the restaurant was closed for the season. We had a nice visit with our friends until late into the evening.

Tomorrow’s plan will be flexible, depending on weather among other things. A forecast weather front could bring rain and winds, but chances are we will be moving farther south.

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