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Inside Passage | Ship's Log

By , on Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Date/Time: September 9, 2014 21:15
Location: Coghlan Anchorage just west of Hartley Bay
Weather: Calm night, clear with a little haze, full moon
Plan: To Bishop Hotsprings via Verney Passage to Ursula Channel – weather permitting

We awoke this morning to dense fog that didn’t start lifting until 11:00 am. We took our time with the morning chores and the fog was just starting to lift as we returned from Elsie’s shore excursion.

Outside our anchorage, Grenville Channel remained thick with fog. As we weighed anchor we could hear the fog horn of a south bound ship; it sounded like a train a mile long before it faded into the distance. Funny how being enclosed by fog makes other boats seem sooooo big and the channel seem sooooo small!

Two hours down Grenville Channel the fog lifted and we had a boost from the tidal current. Fog, as it lifts, has its own ever changing beauty as the world changes from black & white to full color.

Since we were making good time with following seas we continued to Coghlan Anchorage at the south end of Grenville Channel. This is a really nice protected anchorage with great beaches at mid to low tide for dog walking. They are covered with clam shells and have areas of nice sandy beach. We could stand quietly on the beach and hear all kinds of squeaks, squirts and clicking chatter from the life around us. Elsie was surprised to squirt on a beach that squirts back. :0)

From the beach we watched the full moon rise over Promise Island giving a pink glow to the wispy clouds around it. (Poor Roger is about to start hitting his head on his coffee cup if I don’t quit now.) G’night all.

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