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Prince Rupert to Kumealon Island in Grenville Channel

Date/Time: September 8, 2014
Location: Kumealon Island
Weather: Clear, full moon, strong northerlies subsided at sunset
Plan: Finish length of Grenville Channel and anchor at Coghlan Anchorage by Promise Island. Alternative destination Lowe Inlet.

After a rainy day yesterday in Prince Rupert we woke up to dissipating fog and clear skies today. Elsie got a good walk up to the propane shop where we topped off our tank. Back at the boat we watered up and untied from the dock. The fuel dock was busy so we hovered while we waited our turn. Once we were full of fuel we were on our way again.

A northerly breeze came up out in Chatham Sound so we put up the jib and motorsailed. Despite 2 to 3 foot seas we had a pretty comfortable ride and arrived at Kumealon Island about 5:00 pm. We tucked in behind the island to have a look at the anchorage and then went up Kumealon Inlet to see what it was like. The inlet was pretty with several good dog-walking beaches but we decided to go back and tuck in behind the island where it was more sheltered – and still had good beaches. After dinner we went out for a row to the beach under a beautiful full moon. As we approached our selected beach it was too dark to see much, but we heard some almighty splashing around that made us think something BIG was on the beach looking for food. So, not wanting to off-load Elsie for bait, we diverted to another beach and left whatever it was to itself. Our boat sure looked homey out there under the full moon with the glow of the anchor light and the red lamp in her windows.

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