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Queen Charlotte Sound

Date/Time: September 14, 2014
Location: Blunden Harbor
Weather: Fog to start, the clear, warm, sunny

The view from Fury Cove looking southwest

The view from Fury Cove

Well, this morning at O-dark-30, we woke up to fog thick as pea soup. So much for plans for an early departure! Roger navigated the dinghy to the beach in the fog and darkness for Elsie’s nature walk and when he returned decided it would work out fine to depart as planned. So we had a quick breakfast and up came the anchor (hand-cranked again). By 7:45 am we were creeping along to exit the narrow opening to Fury Cove. It was light by then and we could just barely make out part of the shore. With the aid of the moving map and radar we made it out to Fitz Hugh Sound without difficulty, although on full alert!

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

The winds were calm but there were ocean swells in Fitz Hugh and Queen Charlotte Sounds so we put up the main sail to steady the motion. Roger spent the first hour of the trip in the pilothouse with navigation chores while I was out on deck in the crisp cool air keeping watch. Consequently the constant motion of the swells took their toll making Roger kind of queasy for awhile. But after a nap, some ginger candy, ginger snaps and ginger tea he was good to go…gingerly.

Approaching Cape Caution.

Approaching Cape Caution.

The fog persisted for a couple of hours, cleared up and then returned for another hour. Sometimes the fog was so dense that it only took 15 seconds from the time some birds became visible on the water until we passed them. Not much time to react to things we might run over or that might run over us. Thank God for radar. When the sun was shining from blue sky above into the fog around us, a white bow (like a rainbow) formed with just a hint of color at the outer edges – something I had never seen before.

Happy to be in Blunden Harbor

Happy to be in Blunden Harbor

By the time we got to Cape Caution it was clear, sunny and beautiful, but by 4:00 pm when we arrived in Blunden Harbour we were happy to call it quits – especially Elsie. Blunden is a good anchorage with room for lots of boats and a good holding bottom.

Tomorrow is supposed to be foggy again; we will head for Port McNeill, weather permitting.

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