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Ready to Get Underway

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Location: Ketchikan
Weather: Scattered clouds, breezy
Plan: Prepare to leave Ketchikan tomorrow.

The weather outlook is good, and it’s time to head south on our journey to Puget Sound, but loose ends have kept us for a few extra days. Today we completed the vehicle repair and are ready to park the car in its winter storage spot. The mail we’ve been waiting for has arrived, and it’s time to load the last few items and get underway.

Not that the time here has been bad. On the contrary, September seems to be the time for long-distance ocean cruisers to make landfall in Alaska and start working their way south toward Seattle. We’ll be in good company along the way with such characters as world cruisers John and Amanda Neal aboard Mahina Tiare, ocean cruisers from Homer, Alaska, Holland, France, California and Puget Sound, some of our summer acquaintances who spent time in Ketchikan this summer, and ham radio friends whom we’ve known or heard on the air for years. If the weather holds, this is shaping up to be a very interesting and enjoyable voyage.

Tomorrow is Thursday and, although we’re not superstitious, every sailor knows it’s bad luck to start a voyage on a Friday. So tomorrow we begin our voyage, even if our first anchorage is only a few miles down the trail.

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