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Queen Charlotte Strait

Date/Time: Monday, September 15, 2014
Location: Port McNeill, northern Vancouver Island
Weather: Foggy morning, sunny afternoon, northerly breeze

Crossing Queen Charlotte Strait

Crossing Queen Charlotte Strait

We expected the fog in Blunden Harbor this morning, so we slept in, did some chores aboard CAMAI and gave Elsie a couple of walks on the beach. We departed at noon with rapidly dissipating fog banks visible in the distance. We crossed Queen Charlotte Strait on glassy water, and the only wind we saw was in the harbor at Port McNeill.

Barb and Elsie on the rocks.

Barb and Elsie on the rocks.

For Elsie it was some relief–only 5 hours on the boat and we tied up to the dock so we can take her for as many walks as we want.

Barb and I went the local pub (noisy!) for dinner, and enjoyed a nice evening walk. Tomorrow morning promises to be foggy again, but that will give us time to get more boat parts and provisions.

The last two days are a turning point in our journey…the most remote waters are behind us. Towns and communities are more frequent and if the weather turns bad we can tie up in a nice, safe marina for a while. What lies ahead is the labyrinth of channels, tides and rocks between Vancouver Island and the mainland. As long as the weather stays good (and it’s forecast to,) the hardest part of the next few miles is calculating tides and currents for the fastest and safest passages.


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