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The San Juans

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Location: Anacortes
Weather: Mostly clear; light winds

This morning came early again. We planned a 0800 hours departure, but we were ready to sail early and departed at 0730. Skies were mostly clear, and winds and water were calm. We motored to the middle of Haro Straits where we had to heave-to for a few minutes to wait for a passing ship; then pushed on, arriving in Friday Harbor at 1130 hours where we checked into the U.S. with Customs. We took a short walk, had a snack, looked at boats, and were back on the trail by 1230.

We tied up in Anacortes about 1530 hours, checked in to Cap Sante Marina (too bad winter rates don’t start until tomorrow.) We walked the docks for a couple hours, gawking at yachts for sale. (Where do people get all that money?)

A couple of thoughts about the San Juan Islands:
– First, the terrain with the grassy areas, rocks and wind-blown hemlocks is strikingly different from the far northern islands. They’re beautiful!
– Secondly, they’re so small. After traveling 700 miles or so from Ketchikan, it seems incongruous that we should be able to cross the entire San Juan Archipelago (large, in my memory) in a short day, even with our lunch break in Friday Harbor.

Tomorrow we check on boatyard services, get some estimates for jobs that need done on the boat, and maybe talk to a broker or two. Our mission, at this point, is to get Camai ready to sell (it needs to look like a new boat!)

The fun trip is almost over; the work has just begun…


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