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Cholmondeley Sound | Dora Bay | Trollers Cove

Cholmondeley Sound

ITINERARY: Trollers Cove to Dora Bay WEATHER: 57 deg. F., overcast, calm, barometer 1017.5 falling RADIO NET: Checked in with Darlene and Floyd & advised them we would be there by afternoon. Darlene advised that the M/Y Alice J. would be there, so we would probably all be getting together for dinner. NOTE: Cholmondeley Sound, […]

Clarence Straits | Trollers Cove | Vixen Harbor

Clarence Strait

Itinerary: Vixen Harbor to Trollers Cove Weather: 53 deg. F., Sunny, calm Forecast: Light winds becoming southerly to 10 knots by late afternoon

After a long morning walk on the beach, we raised anchor at 0930 hours. The bottom in Vixen is heavy, black glue-like mud that takes some effort to remove from the anchor […]

Food | Vixen Harbor

When the Tide is Out…

Foraging adds a gourmet touch to the standard ships stores…

WHEN THE TIDE’S OUT…the table is set.

It may sound trite, but this old Alaskan saying reflects the bountiful food supply along Alaska’s coastline. Although we don’t recommend “living off the land” (it’s a lot more work than it sounds,) beach foraging adds […]

Vixen Harbor

Enjoying Vixen Harbor

Location: Vixen Harbor Weather: Sunny, light northwest breeze, fog bank visible to the northeast Forecast: Winds northwest to 20, 4-foot seas in Clarence Straits

Barb wanted to spend a day exploring Vixen Harbor instead of pushing on–after some discussion, we agreed Vixen is a nice stop.

We took a couple of nice beach hikes, then […]

Frosty Cove | Vixen Harbor

Sailing in Ernest Sound

Itinerary: Frosty Bay to Vixen Harbor Weather: 53.7 degrees, fog, light southeast breeze, occasional sun breaks, barometer 1025.4 Forecast: Heavy fog warning until 1000 hours, then partly cloudy with northeast winds to 15 knots.

MOTU at anchor, as the fog begins to lift in Frosty Bay

This morning we explored Frosty Bay including […]

Frosty Cove | Wrangell

Eastern Passage

Itinerary: Wrangell to Frosty Bay Weather: 50.7 F., low broken clouds, calm, barometer 1024.1 Forecast: Fog, clearing by afternoon, highs in the 70’s, partly to mostly cloudy

After checking in to the Great Northern Boater’s radio net, we walked into Wrangell for a coffee latte and a short visit with Nichole at Alaska Vistas tour […]


Wrangell Friends

Location: Wrangell Harbor Weather: 53 degrees, rain Forecast: Cloudy with periods of rain/fog, light SE winds Long range: Weather forecast in for an improving trend over the next several days.

We finished provisioning CAMAI in the morning with ice, propane and groceries.

We had lunch at Zak’s Cafe with Valerie McCandless and her neighbor, Mike, […]


Email and Internet Blues

Location: Wrangell Harbor Weather: 54 degrees, rain showers, fog Forecast: Winds SE at 10 knots, seas 2 feet. Wind switching to northerly tomorrow.

Main Street road construction has been ongoing for about a year, according to locals.

Today is another “lay day” for us. We walked into Wrangell several times, bought groceries and had […]


Laying Over in Wrangell

Location: Wrangell Harbor Weather: Overcast with rain showers

Barb heads for the laundromat, about 1/2 block from the harbor

Today is a “lay day” in Wrangell, one of our favorite towns in southeast Alaska. Barb did laundry in the morning and attended a charity luncheon with Janet.

For me, most of the day was […]

Petersburg | Wrangell | Wrangell Narrows

Wrangell Narrows

Itinerary: Petersburg to Wrangell Weather: Low overcast, fog, calm

Light fog in Wrangell Narrows

Wrangell Narrows is one of our favorite routes in southeast Alaska. With 60 navigation aids in a 22 mile stretch, the narrows is probably the most well-marked stretch of water in Alaska. Although we approach this passage with caution and […]

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