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Queen Charlotte Sound

Date/Time: September 14, 2014 Location: Blunden Harbor Weather: Fog to start, the clear, warm, sunny

The view from Fury Cove

Well, this morning at O-dark-30, we woke up to fog thick as pea soup. So much for plans for an early departure! Roger navigated the dinghy to the beach in the fog and […]

Inside Passage | Ship's Log

Kumealon Is. to Coghlan Anch.

Date/Time: September 9, 2014 21:15 Location: Coghlan Anchorage just west of Hartley Bay Weather: Calm night, clear with a little haze, full moon Plan: To Bishop Hotsprings via Verney Passage to Ursula Channel – weather permitting

We awoke this morning to dense fog that didn’t start lifting until 11:00 am. We took our time with […]

Ketchikan Yacht Club | Maintenance | People

Ready to Get Underway

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Location: Ketchikan Weather: Scattered clouds, breezy Plan: Prepare to leave Ketchikan tomorrow.

The weather outlook is good, and it’s time to head south on our journey to Puget Sound, but loose ends have kept us for a few extra days. Today we completed the vehicle repair and are ready to […]

Ketchikan | Ketchikan Yacht Club


WEATHER: 55 F., Cloudy, Calm, 1019.1 Mb FORECAST: Cloudy, chance of rain

Ketchikan Yacht Club in Thomas Basin

After six years of living in quiet Haines, our first impression of Ketchikan was of extreme activity and business. We had forgotten how incredibly busy the harbor is in the summer time–Ketchikan is still a […]

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